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Our History

The history of QUADRANTE begins when the Engineers João Silveira Costa, Nuno Pais Costa and Nuno Batista Martins get together in 1998. Later, they were joined by Engineer Tiago Pais Costa. At that moment we began to take the first steps. Ambitious, but always solid and confident steps.

Our Founding Partners have been working together since the time when they attended Instituto Superior Técnico and they started their professional careers as a team. After a few years designing and coordinating large-scale and complex projects in Portugal and Asia, they founded QUADRANTE. 

The continued trust placed by the oldest clients, whom QUADRANTE is proud to continue serving, as well as the attraction of new clients, and the implementation of an acquisition and market concentration policy, allowed us to gain a prominent position in the domestic market and to be considered as a benchmark company. We are the largest Engineering and Architecture Consulting firm whose capital stock is entirely Portuguese. Several years have passed and we have grown, advancing successfully into the future. We were bold and fearless. Guided by the will to innovate and to reach even further, we have built a strong and mature identity. We have achieved a prominent position through our clients and a performance guided by our commitment to efficiency. We are proud of this position, which has allowed us to Design. Create Value

QUADRANTE was founded
Cascais Shopping expansion
Estoril Casino Refurbishment

19 ‘98

Lagoas Park
Roma Areeiro Station
Almada Forum

19 ‘99

Lot 22 - SGAL
Beloura Holmes Place
AHETA Head Office

20 ‘00

Bolhão Metro Station
Estoril Congress Centre
Parque Atlântico Shopping

20 ‘01

REN Substations
Freeport Lisbon Fashion Outlet
Mafra-Malveira Motorway

20 ‘02

Greater Porto area SCUT
Rio Sul Shopping
REN Substations

20 ‘03

Braga and VFX Hospitals
Leiria Shopping
Greater Lisbon and North Concession

20 ‘05

Metrópolis Building
Douro Interior Subconcessions
Portucel Cogeneration Plant

20 ‘09

Casa do Governador Hotel
Hydroelectric Use of Foz do Tua
Maxi's Stores in Angola

20 ‘10

Vermoim and Tavira Substations
Office Launch:
Mozambique and Brazil

20 ‘11

Acquisition of PROCESL
Opening of offices in Angola
Shopping Boulevard Londrina
Shopping Goiânia
Hilton Sal Hotel & Resort

20 ‘12

Militar Hotel in Bechar
Queve River Hydroelectric Installations
Costa do Sauipe Master Plan

20 ‘13

El Gato Hydroelectic Plant
Bengo and Dande Rivers Basin Plan
Zinc Project EIA
BRT Maputo

20 ‘14

VIAPONTE Acquisition
Peru Office Launch
New city of Sidi Abdellah
Modernization of the West Line

20 ‘16

20 anos Quadrante
Paris Office Launch
CAN 2021 Stadium
The Student Hotel Carcavelos
Environmental Monitoring
of the new Tâmega Dams

20 ‘18

Framework Agreement UK
Engineering Excellence Award
Kumasi Central Market

20 ‘19