Reinforcing Quadrante's presence and competitiveness in the international market
Intervention Region - North Portugal
Project 13681
Quadrante – Engenharia e Consultoria SA

Quadrante's Internationalisation project intends to contribute toward increasing the company's turnover in the International Area by entering into new markets and consolidating its current markets.


Approval Date:2016-04-05
Start Date: 2015-10-01
End Date:2017-09-30
Postponement of End Date: 2018-03-31 Total eligible cost: 535,730.88 euros


The project includes the preparation of a Strategic Internationalisation Plan, the redesign of the current website, the participation in trade shows and the organisation of road shows across 10 countries, hiring a Media Consultant, hiring Human Resources for the Marketing and Business Development areas and language training.


The main result to be achieved with the implementation of the project consists on reaching a turnover of about 84% of the total value in the International Area.

Qualification No. 014000


Project No. 014000

Reinforcing Quadrante's organisation and management capabilities
Intervention Region - North Portugal
Project 14000
Quadrante – Engenharia e Consultoria SA

Quadrante's Qualification project intends to contribute toward strengthening the company's organization and management capabilities through qualification and innovation.


Approval Date:2016-01-26
Start Date: 2015-12-01
End Date:2017-09-30
Postponement of End Date: 2018-03-31 Total eligible cost: 664,560.14 euros


The project includes the implementation of a new ERP, the development of a Document Management System, obtaining Quality and Environment Certification in accordance with ISO 9001 (2015 standard) and ISO 14001 (2015 standard), the implementation of a Human Resource Talent Management project, hiring staff and organising training initiatives; in order to develop these actions, there are plans to purchase software and hire consultants.

The main objective of the project is to promote service and process innovation.

Qualification No. 40928


Projet No. 40928

Support under the Incentive System for the Qualification and Internationalization of SMEs 


Project Name: Quadrante Qu@lifica 2019-2022

Total Eligible Cost: 529.126,80 €


Location: Porto


Overview of the Project 

The main goal of the project is improving organizational and resources management capacity of Quadrante, consolidating the Company's position as a Portuguese company of excellence, recognized for its quality and added value delivery capacity.

With this project, Quadrante aims to take advantage of the opportunities offered by technological evolution, in order to achieve flexibility and promote its global market competiveness, focusing in reinforcing its organizational and management capabilities though ICT use.


Core R&TD

Project name | Core R&D for Civil Engineering Sustainability
Project code | LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-042650

Main goal | Creating a Core R&D for carrying out activities as part of sustainability, with a view to strengthening the company's competitiveness through value creation.

Region of intervention | Lisbon


Approval date | 28-03-2019

Start date | 03-07-2019
Completion date | 02-07-2021

Overall eligible cost |264,154.46

Financial aid from the European Union | ERDF-105,661.78

With the creation of the Core R&D, the idea is to plan and develop the activities required for bringing about a Stand-alone Energy-efficient System along with the creation of a methodology for justifying and fostering the weighting of sustainability options in terms of engineering project design (leading Sustainability@QD).

The project includes obtaining certification via NP 4457:2007.

The idea is that, by the end of the project, the company will have sustainably enhanced its skills in the areas of innovation and development.